LED Bulbs Pack of 6 - A19 E27 7w Brightest 60W Soft White 3000k Light Bulb

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Manufacturer Description

VEMOTIX 3000K LED A19 Lights Are the Best Choice for Your Home! Everyone wants to save up money and avoid wasting precious power for nothing in their homes. Especially if you stay up late or have little sunshine in the area you live in, saving up on electricity can make a great difference in savings and do a lot of good for the environment. VEMOTIX LED lights are the ideal solution for that problem, providing bright light for very little electricity spent! VEMOTIX LEDs are Economical! The initial price of buying LED lights is higher than that of incandescent and CFL lights, but they last for much, MUCH longer. Changing your whole household's light bulbs can make an immense difference in how much electricity you use over the years. VEMOTIX LEDs are Great for the Environment! We all should care more for the environment and look for ways to lessen fossil fuel waste. Most electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuel, so it is best to choose light bulbs that waste as little electricity as possible. No light bulbs are more economical than LEDs at the moment, so VEMOTIX LEDs are an ideal choice for an eco-friendly home. Above All VEMOTIX LEDs Look Awesome! It is important that our homes look beautiful. Many LED lights are too bulky and ugly, but VEMOTIX has created the perfect LED light bulb that looks just like your typical incandescent bulb. You can now enjoy ALL the benefits of LED lights AND have your home look great, with VEMOTIX's beautiful light bulbs. The warm yellow light resembles that of a traditional A19 bulbs, filling your rooms with wonderful, familiar brightness at a smaller cost!

Product Features

GREAT LOOKING LEAD BULBS - Most LED light bulbs look horrible in your fixtures. That's why VEMOTIX has created these beautiful LED lights that look just like your ordinary light bulbs. Only you will notice the difference... in your electricity bill. RIDICULOUSLY Long Lifespan - Buy your TCP LED bulbs NOW and you won't have to change your bulbs again for the next 18 years minimum. LED bulbs last extremely long, sometimes even up to 25 years when used properly, saving you a lot of money and trouble. SAVE LOTS OF MONEY - Replacing the light bulbs in your home with VEMOTIX LEDs will make a great impact on what you pay for electricity. LED lights are the most economic when it comes to energy usage and certainly the most ecologic choice BEST VALUE FOR MONEY - Other light bulbs, like incandescent and CFL are cheaper to buy, but burn out a lot faster than the average LED light. AMAZING LIGHT COLORS - The VEMOTIX 3000K LED A19 emits a beautiful soft white color that brightens up every room with warm yellow light. The light of soft bulbs is as warm as that of the typical incandescent light, making it more familiar.

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